Point Vivian is a small, summer community on the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York that was incorporated in 1877. The Restinos, my wife's family, have owned a small cottage on Point Vivian since the 1960's. Maria has been going to the cottage every summer since she was five and I have spent some time there each summer myself for over thirty years. Point Vivian is located in the heart of the Thousand Islands region of the River. The Thousand Islands is famous for its natural beauty and the magnificent Victorian houses that were built on many of the islands. Each summer we visit the cottage and spend most days boating, exploring, kayaking and swimming in the cool, crystal clear waters of the River. In the afternoons, the neighbors often congregate at the small bridge that Maria's Dad built many years ago that connects Point Vivian to Gypsy Island. Many of them have been friends since they were children and we often idle the afternoon away hanging out on the bridge talking and watching the kids. It is hard to put into words how relaxing and revitalizing these lazy summer days are but hopefully these images in the Point Vivian Gallery below can give you a little bit of an idea.

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